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Changing Minds Ecourse

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Say goodbye to self doubt, and hello to creating work that you’re proud of.

Changing Minds is a 5 week course designed to help you reach your full creative potentional. You’ll become more confident about your choices, feel more creative, and feel like you’re taking a clear path in your creative life.

"Where to begin? Amber Kane was beyond insightful. I felt like I was watching a TED talk. I loved the idea of having students daydream. Just stop and watch your students. It’s simple and wonderful."
  "I feel I really connected with the divergent thinking aspect. It helped me think super creatively and outside the box. Awesome awesome speaker! She is so inspiring!"

You watch people around you live a life filled with creative passion and you can’t seem to tap into yours.

  • you feel like you’re at a crossroad and you need help deciding which way to turn.
  • you have a strong desire to develop a personal and professional identity.
  • you want to be confident about your creative decisions
  • you want to feel like you’re taking steps towards reaching your full potential as a creative thinker and maker

Through Changing Minds we’re going to plow down self-sabotage, create a road map to your creative process and learn how to celebrate and share your work with the world.

As a member you’ll

  • – define creativity on your terms
  • – identify your personal voice
  • – understand the creative process
  • –  map out your ultimate creative practice
  • -say goodbye to self doubt
  • – understand your space in the creative the world
 "  I love hearing people talk who can inspire and influence in “abstract” ways. She makes me “uncomfortable” in good ways."
"The speaker today broke boundaries and talked about things outside of my box and comfort level. I really enjoyed the different perspective. It was thought provoking and the ideas will stick with me. "
You feel out of control , and are aching to be more creative, more confident, and more energized.

the creative class with Amber Kane

I started teaching at a young age, like 10 years old.. young. ( well, it wasn’t official until I was 22) , but I was teaching lessons, grading papers, and making themed bulletin boards, so it felt pretty official to me and my neighbors. 

I created  Changing Minds because after getting my masters in creativity studies, and teaching high school art, I’ve noticed a large gap between the creative thinking that we were made to do, and what we actually do. 

Changing Minds is where I reawaken the creativity that you were born with, so that you can create the world that you dream of. 

"  The quest speaker was amazing! She really broadened my views of how to be a creative teacher and apply creativity to my lessons. The tasks that we did helped me see my own tendencies toward creativity and personality. "

Week 1:  What is creativity?

We’ll look at how artists, writers, psychiatrist and philosophers define creativity, and work to define creativity in terms that make sense and work for you.

Week 2: The importance of understanding your creative groove: We’ll look at why you create, the story behind your work, and begin to break down the creative process. During this week you’ll be introduced to the creative process, and begin exercises to help you uncover your own creative rhythm.

Week 3: How can your schedule and muse compromise?  We’ll be looking closely at your creative practice, or lack thereof, and develop a schedule and work flow, that’s going to allow room for you and your muse to communicate.

Week 4: Your ultimate creative practice: During week 4 your going to take the ideas that we discussed the last 3 weeks and get down to business with creating. During this week, we’re going to adjust what isn’t working, and hold onto what is.

Week 5:  Knock down the walls: By this time you will have a list of your procrastination pitfalls, fears, and anything else that is has been holding you back. We’ll examine why they are holding you back and how to break through.



When does it start? Monday Nov 4th and ends Friday Dec 13th. There will be no assignments or content released Nov 25-29 because of Thanksgiving.

Who is the course for? Artists, crafters, makers of any kind, writers, and teachers. This course is for the person that has a creative flicker inside and wishes to turn it into a roaring flame.

When does the course meet? The Creative Class is an online course, so you can work through the content anytime for anywhere. I’ll post new content on the site each week.

How much time should I expect to spend? As  with anything, the more time you spend the more you’ll get out of it. Since we’re going to be examining and perfecting your creative practice, it’s best if you can put in at least 6 hours each week. You can spread it out, or do it all at once.

How long will I have access to course materials? All course material will be up on the site for 6 months,  and you will be able to download any of the content, so that you have access to it whenever you need it.

What happens after I register?  You’ll receive an email from me, welcoming you to the class and letting you know how to get started. If you don’t receive an email within 7 days of when you register please email me at amberkane1314(at)hotmail(dot)com with a copy of your paypal invoice.

Ready to get those creative juices flowing?

Changing Minds is currently closed. Sign up below for information about when it opens again.

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