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The Customer Perspective with Tara Gentile

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changing mindsChanging Minds Ecourse registration is now open. You feel it inside that you can do more, that you have great ideas and wonderful talents to share, but always fall short. Your message isn’t getting across the way that you intended. The amount of creative work and ideas that I produced greatly changed after I gained an understanding of my creative process, the same can happen for you.



I’m Tara Gentile. I relentlessly study, experiment with, and teach what it takes for businesses to succeed in the age of connectedness.

The businesses I work with are helmed by passionate, innovative leaders and driven by inquisitive, engaged customers. They trade in delivering experience, connection, and meaning. They thrive on the coexistence of individualism and collectivism. They maximize their impact while minimizing the effort required to achieve it. They believe entrepreneurship is citizenship.

  • You  need to get out of our expert perspective and into our customers perspective. You need to understand what your product or service does for your customer. What value does it add to your customers life. Sales become so much easier when you speak your customers language.

What is Tara’s creative process?

Her creative process is fast and furious, ideation is one of her strong suits, and she needs to create an environment where ideas come fast and furious.

How she keeps the ideas coming:

1. By consuming and digesting information that feed s her, reading thinkers that are at the cutting edge of biz and social biz, is the kind of environment that she puts herself in.

2. Doing the work and being in an environment where she is constantly doing the work. Working with groups of people where she always has to come up with solutions for new problems.

Watch the interview to learn more about the customer perspective process, and how it can change your business.

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