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How to live a Creative life with Shana Lafore

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how to live a more creative life with shana lafore

Shana Lafore and I sat down to chat about creativity, her creative process, and how she has based all of her business moves around a few core principles.

time management for the small business owner and creative thinker






Leave a comment below sharing what your core desired feelings are, that help to drive all of your decisions.

ShanaLaforeOver the past 2 decades I’ve successfully packaged, promoted and sold creative offerings in art, design, education… many of them while living in a foreign country, so not even in my own language. I’ve trained aspiring artists and managed top notch designers.

But what has really motivated me, is the mentoring I’ve done over the past several years, visiting universities and setting up internship programs. I’ve realized there is a huge need to help talented creatives find a way to make a GREAT living doing what they love.

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