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Conversations with students

Some conversations need no story, they speak for themselves. Ashley shares some of his most recent conversations with students.

Kindergarten –

Me: so how did you guys like the new stations today

Student: I didn’t get to do them

Me: why not?

St: I wasn’t here last week, I had mucus.

Diff St: What’s mucus?

St: when your sick

Many students all at once: of I’ve had mucus, yeah me to, what’s mucus…all talking together


Kindergarten again:

St:  in a couple days I am going to grandma Browns

Me: oh where’s that

St: in the mountains

M: do you go down the other side

St: in the mountains past the gas station

M: oh I know right where that is, there are some trees right?

St: yeah, I’ll be sleeping there 3 nights

Diff St: so you will miss school (obviously a smart one)

St: No

Me: maybe its over easter

St: yeah maybe

Me: students at fulton ( another elementary school in the district)  caught the easter bunny, and stuck him to a piece of cardboard, he’s on display in the hallway (students at Fulton are making Easter bunny posters and bringing them in to class as a project and when they show them to me I act all excited and proclaim amazement that they caught the easter bunny)

Many St: what?!! Really?  Is he alive?

Me: I think so, but I’m not sure if there will be any easter eggs this year.


2nd grader is tying her long sleeve shirt through her belt loops around her waist…

Me: wouldn’t it be easier to put that on the steps

St: my pants are loss, I’m using it as a belt

Me: oh that’s creative, I like that, good plan

St: I’m creative, I make my teacher a bracelet out of old barrettes.


Creativity is still alive in 2nd grade!  And its too cold for recess again today.


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