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Part 2: Finding your Voice as a Photographer

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If you haven’t already, go back read and do part 1.

Last week you should have collected a series of images in a variety of categories. Today you’re going to use those images to begin to uncover your personal aesthetic, aka, how you like things to look.

Look at all of your images and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the three most prominent/ common colors that you see?
  2. Look at the content, are most of the images filled or is there a lot of negative space?
  3. Is there a common perspective that most of the images are showing? ie , looking down, looking up, straight on

We could go deeper with this exercise, but we’re going to stick with just three questions to keep things simple.

Once you’ve answered the above questions spend some time this week taking photos and thinking about how your bring your personal taste into the photos the photos that you take. ( If you have an instagram feed, tag me, and I”ll come and check out your work)

Below is an example. I took a screen grab of my instagram feed. Notice that not everything is the same, but it still all looks like it came from the same person. Some words that I use to describe my aesthetic: clean, playful, black , white, gold, negative space.

Fullscreen capture 1272016 43027 PM


Stay tuned, next week, we’re going to talk about composition.