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Someone Please Throw me a Rope

Someone please throw me a rope.

My husband and I just returned from Chattanooga, and Nashville. ( side note, we accidentally went to Nashville during the CMA’s, talk about crazy)

While we were in Chattanooga, we decided that we want to spend some time paddle boarding, while it was clear that it was a windy day, we decided to give it a try anyway. Paddling up the river was a breeze…. because the wind was stronger than the current and blew us up river. This should have been a clear sign that getting back was going to be HARD.

When it was time to go down river…. and against the wind, it seemed almost impossible to even turn the board in the right direction, the wind just kept blowing us up river.

Now my husband is a personal trainer, and has some pretty big muscles… I on the other hand do not. Weaving doesn’t seem to develop my biceps in the way that it wish it would. My husband knew that he could power through it, I was not so confident.

And I as continued my battle with the wind, I just wanted someone to throw me a rope and pull me back to the dock. ( this didn’t happen, but I did make it back)

This experience reminded me of how much easier things are when you have help. When I was kid and wanted to learn how to knit, crochet, embroidery, sew, I needed help, and so did my parents. Because asking my mom to do any fiber related task, does not end well.

So my parents took me to classes, who knows what I would be doing now if they hadn’t. Weaving workshops for kids start next week. While there will be more workshops and classes in the future, I’m not sure when they will be, so if you’re interested, jump on board now. 

Also, for the adults , that are thinking about trying to pass as a 10 year old so that they can get in on the action, adult classes will open in July.