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What is Appropriation in art?

what is appropriation in art

It can be hard to help students to understand appropriation in art. Often in the classroom we tell our students that they can’t copy work or characters that have already been created, and then we turn around and teach them about Andy Warhol and Pop Art… mixed messages much?

The college board is clear that appropriation with a lot of transformation isn’t acceptable, the video below is the process that I walk my students through to help them understand what is and isn’t appropriation, and what is and isn’t okay to use in their portfolio.

You can find more examples of appropriation and art here

In the video you’ll learn:

  • how do 3 different artist use appropriation in the artwork?
  • how does the college board define appropriation?
  • how are plagiarism and appropriation related?


Video examples from TATE and the Art Assignment Another great resource