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Teacher Tools Episode 3: How to use the Art Assignment

teacher tools


I was standing in the back of my classroom sobbing into the phone, my mom was on the other end, and students were about to walk through my door, I needed to get my act together.

It was one of those crazy days, that turned into a crazy week, and then a crazy month. I was so tired, and overwhelmed and felt like I just couldn’t do one more thing. Teaching. Grading. Grading. Organizing my two classrooms. Writing lesson plans. Teaching more classes online in the evening. Getting up at 4:30am to make scarves for a giant project that scared the crap out of me. Planning a powder-puff football game.

We all have these moments, when we want to put our head down on our desk and cry, when you feel like you have nothing left to give, but there are 25 sets of eyes staring at you, so you pull yourself together, you get up, you smile, and you inspire.

This new series, teacher tools, is for you, to help make things just a little bit easier, to get one more item checked off of your list, or to give you a backup plan, when you find yourself in the back of your room, sobbing into your phone, ( although I hope that it never comes to this). But if it does, I’ve got your back.


Visit the Art Assignment here

Art history lesson on being a curator here