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What is imagination


“And what is true for individuals is true for people’s. Our problems are not more harrowing than the ravaging depressions and wars of a century ago. But our economic, demographic, and ecological challenges are in fact existential. I think we sense this in our bones, though it’s not a story with commonly agreed-upon contours. Our global crises, the magnitude of the stakes for which we are playing, could signal the end of civilization as we’ve known it. Or they might be precisely the impetus human beings perversely need to do the real work at hand: to directly and wisely address the human condition and begin to grow it up.” ~ Becoming Wise an Inquiry into the Mystery and art of living


What do you Imagine?

Some use it to dream , others to understand, and still some waste it on worry.

All creative people imagine, but not all that imagine are creative. ( In order to be creative, you must act on your imagination)

Imagination is the pathway to peace

In order to emphasize with the toothless man, smoking a cigarette, who never leaves his porch, you must imagine his life , and what lead him to end up sitting on that porch.

If you want to stop the drug dealer from selling drugs, you must first imagine what got him started ( go even farther and imagine him as 2 year old boy)

If you want  the student to do the work, you must imagine what’s keeping them form doing the work, what kind of work they want to do, and why they want to do it.

Imagination allows us to leave ourselves. To see others.

Imagination allows us to empathize.

Take a moment. TODAY. and Imagine.

Imagine your future.

Imagine a world filled with peace and kindness.

Imagine the life of the person that you find yourself saying , ” just get a job”

Imagine the women walking down the street that gets cat called everyday.

Imagine the journey of the double amputee refugee .

Imagine the life of the person that you don’t understand, the person that you find it hard to love. ( start by imaging them as a child)  

Imagine being kind to those that you don’t understand. ( Take it even farther, to those that you fear)


Take it farther…..

Create what your imagine.