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Teacher Tools: The Artist Project

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If you’re anything like me, you uncover a great website, you love it, it gives you ideas, saves you time, and then somehow you completely forget about it. Yesterday I was working on some new lesson plans, thinking , I know that there is this site with videos of artist talking about other art, but what in world is it called.   ( And if we’re being honest, which I think we are, I started , “Teacher Tools”, as much for you as I did for me. I come back to it, to remind myself of the tools that I love to use, and I’m hoping that you’re able to do the same.) 

So I started googeling random things like videos of artist talking about art and eventually landed back on the site that I was looking for. That’s the MET Artist Project site. The videos are pretty sure, some better than others, but I do find them to be a good resource for short clips of information and inspiration.

It can also be a good place to set students lose to do some of their own research.