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How to save time while grading Students Projects


I’ve never met a teacher of any kind/subject, that says that they love grading.

It takes a lot of time and often feels like the students don’t even look at, let alone apply the given feedback. You have piles of work, taking over your desk, so you take it home ( telling yourself that you’re going to spend your Friday evening grading… even though you know that will never happen, so now you have a pile of work taking over your kitchen table, then your dining room table, then pretty much every flat surface in your home. )

Rubrics and having students self assess are two great ways to cut down on some of the work, but you still find yourself writing and writing and writing, working to explain how the student can improve upon their artwork.

Over the last few years, my students have been submitting their work digitally, and have started giving verbal feedback, which I actually enjoy doing + it saves me so much time.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Students photograph or scan their work and upload it into your google plus community
  2. I open the work + turn on my screen recorder and start giving feedback. This also allows me to point to things on the artwork, making it much easier to be clear.
  3. I share the link with my students.
  4. Added bonus with Ilos video , you can track when students have watched your video.
  5. Added bonus number 2, it’s an easy to share information with parents. And since all of my videos are stored, if there is a parent issue, I have documented the exact feedback that the student received.

If you already have your students submitting work digitally, I highly recommend giving verbal feedback as a try. Below is a quick example of a feedback video.