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How to Have more Creative Ideas

You’re stuck.

You can’t seem to come up with any new ideas. So you just sit there and watch another episode of Mind of Chef on Netflix, because at least it’s educationally, and who knows, maybe you’ll become a chef. ( note to self: start researching how to become a chef)

I was sitting in my studio, staring at my loom, then looking away, then staring, wishing it would just magically tell me what to make. It remained silent, so I went ahead, pushed play, and settled into the next episode. This happened for several days, I was getting frustrated and falling behind.

Why can’t you come up with any ideas?

Then I realized, because I hadn’t been feeding my brain. In order to come up with new ideas, you need to create new connections, and to make those new connections, it’s helpful if you’re looking at and experiencing new things. I used to regularly spend time on pinterest ( as both a marketing and an inspiration tool), then for no good reason I stopped. It’s been a few months since I”ve been to a museum, and even more since I’ve traveled.

Then I recommitted to feeding my brain, and there came the ideas.

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you feeding your brain?