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Why Does Art Matter

Why do I have to learn algebra, when am I ever going to use it?

Why do I need to read THIS book, what does it have to do with my life?

Kids of all ages are always asking why, and as the adult tasked with responding to them why, it can get a bit frustrating, especially when we don’t feel like we have a very good response.

As an art teacher, I often get asked, Why does art matter, can you really teach students to be MORE CREATIVE?

Before I answer the above question, I need to note that art and creativity are not the same things, while art often utilizes creativity, you can also create art without being creative.

Okay, so does art matter? ( and I’m going to add in, does art matter to everyone) Yes art matters, and it matters more to some students than others, and that’s fine. On the other hand, yes creativity matters and it impacts everyone.

Why does art matter? For your kids, it may be an outlet, the only way that they can fully express themselves, it’s also a way to problem solve, to develop empathy, and overall to bring enjoyment into life.  ( We’ll talk about the whole making money aspect in another post)

To answer the second part of the question, can creativity be taught? Yes

Now, there are some that are more naturally inclined to be creative thinkers, and others that will need to work harder, but with the right tools, and a basic IQ anyone can become more creative.

Want to give it a try? A big part of being a creative thinker is being a problem finder, and that has a lot to do with asking the right questions. So the next time your student/ child asks you why, lead them through this series of why questions.

  • Why do I need to learn math in school?
    • Because math and numbers help me to create a design layout for my home?
  • Why do I need to create a design layout for my home?
    • Because I want to be sure that I don’t spend money on furniture that won’t fit.
  • Why don’t I want to spend money on furniture that is the wrong size?
    • Because I don’t have money to waste or time to spend returning furniture

Why does creativity matter?

  •  Why does creativity matter?
    • Because creativity requires imagination, helping us to become more empathetic as we imagine situations from others perspectives.
  • Why does empathy matter?
    • Because it causes us to be kinder to one another.
  • Why do we need to be kinder to each other?
    • Because our day to day lives and our overall world is better and more enjoyable for everyone when we practice kindness.

” Creativity is a common part of everyday life; culture can’t survive without continued improvisation and embellishment.”

~Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation By R. Keith Sawyer

If you’re interested in developing creative thought, check out Rise to The Top