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Are you Ready for an Advanced Art Class

Your son or daughter will be a freshman next year and you’re wondering if either of the AP Studio Art classes would be appropriate.  Your child is mature and diligent, with future aspirations to go to art school and become a professional artist of some kind.  They’ve taken several online art classes and worked with a private tutor, but you still aren’t sure if they’re ready for an advanced art class.   You don’t want to rush but, because you do not have an artistic bone in your body, you don’t have the knowledge to evaluate artwork and guide appropriately.

Taking an AP Art class is a big decision, and you don’t want to be sure that you feel prepared. Below you can try out a sample lesson, plus you can send it to me, and I’ll give you feedback.

  • Watch both of the videos below. Feel free to sketch and or jot notes as you listen.

What is composition and how do artist use it to tell a visual story?

What are the elements and principles?

In AP classes, it’s rare that I’ll tell you exactly what to create because a big part of this class is helping you to develop your own personal voice. So I want you to be sure that you’re comfortable with coming up with ideas on your own. The assignment below will guide you.

Assignment: Open your favorite book to page 13, read the 5th sentence on the page. Use that sentence as your prompt to create a piece. Basically, read the sentence and then think about how you can interpret that sentence visually.

Size: size is your choice

medium: ( medium is what you use to create, like paint, pencil, digital) work in your favorite medium. This can also be done in your sketchbook if you wish

Time: spend no more than 3 hours on the piece ( take this into consideration when you’re selecting the size)

Feedback: Take a photo or scan the work, and email to amberkane1314@hotmail.com . Include the sentence that you used as a prompt.

You can also go here for ideas