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What kind of Job can you get if you love art?

In school, no matter what kind of school it is, we tend to spend a lot of time learning information, skills, and techniques, but we often miss the conversations about how to apply the information or what to do with your new skill set. You’re trying to decide where or if to go to college. Trying to determine what you want to do with your life, and it’s likely that you’re unaware of a lot of the options.

I sat down with my AP Art students and allowed them to pick my brain. They asked great questions, and it was recorded so you can learn as well.

If you have trouble with the video: https://ilos.video/sVL6PP

It’s one thing to hear it from a teacher or parent, and another thing to hear from someone that did it. While I speak a lot from experience, I also like to bring in other voices and points of view. Below you can hear from artist Tristyn Albright. She shares why she decided to attend Kutztown University, how she selected her major, and how she got into her first craft show.

Tristen talks about doing craft shows, this is a craft show planning workbook if that sounds interesting to you. It’s filled with everything that I wish I knew before I started doing shows.