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Below you’ll find a list of my favorite tools and websites for integrating Art History and making cultural connections in your classroom.

  • Teacher Tools: Short and Informative Videos about Art
  • Teacher Tools: The Art Story is another goodie for the art history lover, but it’s a great site to let students explore, or to intro other subjects like history. It can fun and interesting to allow students to explore what type of art was being created during a certain time in history and then analyze how historical events influenced the artist, and or how art and artist influenced historical events.
  • Teacher Tools: ART 21 is one of those sites that I tend to binge on and then totally forget about until something reminds me that it exists again. So here’s a reminder if you’re like me, or an intro in case you’ve never checked Art 21. It’s a great resource for inspiration and learning about an artist in the 21 Century.
  • Teacher Tools: Highbrow
  • Teacher Tools: The Artist Project
  • Teacher Tools: Metkids
  • Teacher Tools: Met Museum
  • Teacher Tools: The Art Assignment