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Where to host your videos for your flipped classroom

When I started teaching online 3 years ago, while there was a lot I wasn’t sure about, I did know that I needed to take advantage of the power of video, something that I’m still exploring and working to improve upon. If you’re going to use video in your classroom, or give the flipped classroom model a try, you need to determine where/ how you’re going to host, store, and share your videos. While there are a lot of options, I’m sharing the pros and cons of the three that I’ve used the most.

In the first video I talk about ilos, a program that I use to create video ( mainly screencast, with some webcam). It also allows for some basic edits, but what I love most is the quiz feature, and the ease of storage and sharing with my students.

Next up is vimeo, which I used to use a lot, but moved away from after I was always hitting my upload limit.

And finally youtube, which I still use for some of my videos.