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How to create a Repeat Pattern Design

Over the summer I taught a repeat fabric design class to elementary and middle school students, they loved it! Whenever a class is a hit in person, I work to create an online version, but for some reason, this task felt a bit daunting this time around. Then I signed myself up for Flipping the Artroom, with The Art of Education and I was re-inspired.

Video 1: What is a pattern, and what is a representional pattern?

Note, if you click on the red circle on the bottom right of the video, it will take you to a different screen to watch, but will also allow you to find my slides attached. ( this is something new that I’m experimenting with)

Video 2: How can you use type/ lettering as a design element?

Video 3: What is Abstract Pattern?

Video 4: How will you create an abstract pattern design?

Video 5: What is a repeat pattern? How do you create your own repeat pattern?

Video 6: How to put your pattern together?

Video 7: What can you design with your pattern?

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