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Teacher Tools: Tate Shots: Videos for your art room

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While talking to my mom, she mentioned that she was having trouble finding a particular email, when she mentioned this to her boss, in no time he had it. She was impressed with organized she imagined his inbox was and set forth a goal to organize hers as well. She was ready to create endless folders, determined to apply the dewy decimal system to her inbox.

While I appreciated her determination, I mentioned that perhaps her boss just used the search feature.

I was met with a look of surprise and confusion. Search feature?

She was unaware that she could search names, keywords, and email addresses within her inbox. After a mini lesson, the idea to organize her inbox went out the window.

Now, I don’t want you to read this and think that my mom isn’t smart. she is, but as with all of us, we have our strengths and weaknesses, things that we know and things that we don’t.

Having conversations like this is what prompted me to create Teacher Tools. There are a lot of great and useful tools out there, but it takes time to find them, and once you find them, you need to figure out how to make them work for you. I in no way know about all of them, but I make an effort to share my favorite discoveries with you.

Today, I’m sharing TATE Shots. As a teacher, I’m always looking for short, inspiring, informative and school appropriate videos. I also like to have a place to send my students to do their own research and be able to trust that they’ll uncover accurate information.