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Professional Development for Art Teachers…. the fun kind


What if you did something for yourself?

What if you did something just because you wanted to because it seemed like it would be fun?

What if didn’t have to turn into a lesson plan, or a thing to sell, what if it was just about joy……


In all of the hustle of life, and juggling several jobs ( because that’s what it looks like when you’re a freelance teacher… really I’m not sure that’s what I am, but also not sure what else to call it. )


In the midst of all of that, I realized that while I do create a lot, it’s always sort of for myself and sort of for someone else, which isn’t a bad thing per say, but there is something really wonderful to be said about creating for you and only you!


I had an urge to make giant snowflakes for no apparent reason, really, I rarely decorate for the holidays because it never makes it to the top of my priorities list and because I can’t stand having boxes of random things like decorations that are only used once a year.


I grabbed my box of tongue depressors, because what art teacher doesn’t have them stashed away somewhere, a jar of paint, and set away from a making a mess. But more important, I was having a lot of fun.


Your schedule is likely insane. You might be running from one room or even one building to the next with about .3 seconds in between kids coming and going. You probably spend your day dehydrated because let’s face it, if you drink you will need to go to the bathroom, and no teacher has time for that.


But do you ever take time to just create? To remember why you got into teaching art in the first place, because I bet that a lot of has to do with the fact that you like making things. Give yourself some time to create, it can be simple like gluing tongue depressors together to make giant snowflakes, or it can be complex, like doing an oil painting of your favorite view.


I know, you’re still rolling your eyes at me. Because yes this sounds great… but when in the world are you to do it?


Put it on your calendar, set aside 15 minutes a day, because it will make you a better teacher. If you need to, call it professional development, because we all know we make time for that, and that’s what it is.


So grab your favorite art makin supplies, and go professional develop yourself!!!