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The Unstandardized Standard is about breaking the rules. a place where learning and life become about exploration, curiosity, and passion.

Your kids are going to school soon and you’re trying to determine what is the best schooling option, but don’t know where to turn.

You have a teenager that’s interested in art and you’re worried about them finding a job after high school.

You don’t agree with all of the standardized testing that happens in schools, but you don’t know what to do about it.


Who can thrive from an unstandardized life?

artist, business owners, teachers, students, and anyone looking to live a life of freedom that challenges the status quo.

My brother, Ashley, and I , are both teachers, and here we’ll share our insights, thoughts, and recommendations about everything related to education and creativity. Our mom is also a teacher, and she’ll pop in once and awhile to share her perspective from working in a private school, and now doing homeschooling.

Who is Amber Kane?

I”m an educator, textile designer, entrepreneur, and stellar day dreamer.

I received my Art Education degree from Messiah College, and earned my masters in Creativity Studies from Union Institute and University.

I taught high school Art for 8 years in the public school system, while running my textile design business on the side. while teaching I’ve learned that our schools are teaching creativity and dreams right out of our students, while developing an obsession for empty standards. my love for teaching, learning, and creativity spurred me to create The Unstandardized Standard .

In 2015 I resigned from my public school position and now teach online AP Art and Art History courses for PA Homeschoolers, work part time at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, create one-0f-a-kind textiles and welcome all kinds of learners into my home studio.

I believe that you were born with amazing gifts, and I want to help you uncover and realize your true talents. a world full of people that know who they are and why they are here, is a world full of peace and purpose.



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