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How Safe is your Child’s Creativity

How Safe is your Child’s Creativity

The Secret to Art and Creativity and the role that parents play I have no memory of what made me decide to do it, but I do remember how much fun I had watching the colorful crayon wax melt all over the hot light bulb. Stopping at just one color , seemed like a waste […]

We need to stop punishing kids for daydreaming

I spend a lot of time daydreaming, in fact I often go to bed early in order to get some solid daydreaming time in, and hit my alarm a good 3-5 times in the morning, as during this time my mind goes on wonderful adventures, but with the snooze going off every 10 minutes I’m […]

10 steps to help your child stay creative

In this TED talk by Ken Robinson you’ll learn: – ” All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them.” – Creativity is as important as literacy – Be sure to at least listen to 4:15 mins so that you can find out what God looks like. – Kids will take a chance, they’re not […]

My child wants to be an artist, now what?

Parents schedule a meeting, enter my room, sit down and say : My child wants to major in art, they want to work in a creative field and while I want to support them, I’m worried that they aren’t going to be able to get a job, or they aren’t going to be able to […]

color outside of the lines please

While I”ve been a maker my entire life, it was not until I began teaching creativity that I began to understand it. And it was not until I studied my own creative process that I was set free to truly create.   in school we learn how not to be creative, we get in trouble […]

what creativity is and what it isn’t

Recently Dave Conrey and I had a conversation about the state of creativity and education. And during the conversation I shared that one key piece to the puzzle is you… parents…. adults.. as a parent you have great influence over what happens at your child’s school, but also what happens at home. in order to […]