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Imagination as a Learning Tool

Imagination as a Learning Tool

The winter Olympics have long since passed, but the snow covered ground reminded me of this lesson filled with imagination that my brother my created. While most of my lessons and writing focus on the art classroom ( because that’s what I teach), it’s also important to remember that creativity and imagination can be wonderful […]

What’s the Point

What are you actually doing when you’re writing lesson plans, correcting papers, and grading projects? What are you really doing when you’re scrounging for supplies because your budget ( okay, you don’t even have a budget) never covers everything that your students need. What are you doing when you spend your summer going to professional […]

A complete guide to stocking your Art supply closet

After a year and half, our little yard is no longer a big pile of dirt, it has a patio, flower beds, and grass is growing!! These things are excited in and of themselves, but the really excited part is that means that it’s time to add all of the fun details….. DECORATE… and, well […]

Why multitasking allows excellence to develop

One of the largest drawbacks to teaching in my elementary school is that the students leave by the age of ten. This is akin to planting your yard with beautiful bulbs in the fall, carefully selecting the location for each one, preparing the soil, purposefully placing the bulb in the ground and waiting for spring. […]

Booby traps in the gym, and untraditional medical techniques

Booby traps in the gym I have a certification from the American Red Cross in first aid, I am CPR certified and I can use an AED. All these things are of great importance should I ever be faced with a real emergency, but no one has ever taught me how to deal with the […]

The Minimalist guide to physical activity for kids

The Minimalist guide to physical activity for kids

On Friday of this past week, I decided that I needed a new game to play; therefore I decided to spend some time with myself thinking. This proved to be a well-timed decision as the ideas flowed immediately, and I was able to vastly improve and activity known to my students as Honeybees. Creating a […]

Conversations with students

Some conversations need no story, they speak for themselves. Ashley shares some of his most recent conversations with students. Kindergarten – Me: so how did you guys like the new stations today Student: I didn’t get to do them Me: why not? St: I wasn’t here last week, I had mucus. Diff St: What’s mucus? […]

Bowling with foxes

Upon entering the gym, the transformation is apparent; at least I thought it was. Bowling lanes are spread out, pins are standing in place, and bowling balls are resting peacefully on each lane. “Mr. Sollenberger, are we bowling?” Student after student asks. “Bowling, what would make you think that?” is my standard reply. Confused glances […]

5 myths about teaching 1 truth

When it comes to teaching, there can be many things that distract or take away from our most important objective, which is to facilitate student learning. It’s important to stand up for your beliefs and fight to make changes to improve the educational process; however, problems arise when we as educators allow these distractions to […]

Dangle Contest: Exploring why kids like to be off the ground

Up to a certain age maybe 9 or 10 almost all kids are mountaineers and rock climbers. They desire height, elevation, and a clear view. In a crowd they are lost, blinded to the events taking place. They live in a world where everything is too big. The counter is too high, their feet dangle […]