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Olympics: part 2

Unlike the events of the first week, which weren’t nearly as good as my description leads you to believe; the events of week two will be placed in my permanent file to be used again in four years. We participated in ski jumping, curling, and biathlon. These events brought the Olympic Winter Games to life […]

The Olympics

The Olympic ideals of fair play, good sportsmanship, and friendly competition were on display in the gym and for a few moments the students had Olympic dreams. Today we will be participating in the Olympic Winter Games, I announced to student cheering, applause, and general merriment. I never get tired of announcing the day’s activities […]

The day the bird flew in

Students enter the gym with whoops and hollers, and immediately break into a run. Entering the large empty space must be more then they can bear. No matter how many times we go over that they are to walk in and sit on the circle, at least one class per day will completely lose their […]

Hats … gloves… and walking down the hall

I am treated to a daily highlight first thing every morning. At 9 o’clock, I walk the kindergarten students back to their classrooms. Now – I say walk, but that does no justice to the actual adventure. In order to fully explain things we must retreat to about 20 minutes earlier, this is when the […]

Proper Procedures for A Snow Day

While most lose their childlike imagination with age, it’s becoming to look like my brothers’s is only getting stronger, which makes sense. As we get better at the things that we practice, and as you will soon see, he practices a lot.  Mr. Sollenberger is the elementary phys. ed. teacher every parent should want their […]

How to workout while wearing boots

  Ashely Sollenberger is a an elementary physical education teacher, who prides himself in teaching students  the joys of fitness through movement and games with a touch of magic. He’s also my brother, and will be writing to share his observations and thoughts on teaching.    At the first hint of cold or snow, boots […]