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The Connection between Empathy and Imagination

I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it. Maya Angelou What lessons are we teaching our students, our children? Do we even know? Are we stopping and taking the time to reflect, to think, to listen? I sat in the lunch room, and listened to stories of students […]

What to do with a degree in art

working at an art museum from amber kane on Vimeo. I was so excited about the conversation that I forgot to hit the full screen mode, so sorry for the clutter of my desktop.   Rebecca and I met in college, as we were both art majors, and both had a love for pottery…. we […]

AP Art: What is the difference between the 2D design portfolio and the Drawing portfolio

the difference between the drawing and 2D portfolio from louise kane on Vimeo. 2D and Drawing Checklist 2D Design   I want to explore photography in the class I like looking at and creating abstract art I”m interested in fashion design I enjoy working with mixed media I like to play with pattern I”m always […]

Why you need to embrace your strengths and forget your weakness

“The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.” – Eugene Delacroix We spend a lot of time… too much time actually… talking and thinking about what we’re not good at, and we do the same with kids and students.   When talking to parents I often hear, my child isn’t good […]

No creative ideas in the art room

Near the end of the school year when my brain wasn’t firing at it’s highest powers, my boss somehow got me agree to go to a 5 day AP art teacher training on my summer vacation.   Two weeks before leaving for this training, I couldn’t seem to imagine how I’d agreed to such a […]

A teacher’s journey to falling back in love with teaching

I’ve never been known to have a great ability to think before I speak, I open my mouth and words just start flowing. This is likely one of the qualities about me that my high school students find entertaining. Sometimes it’s a lack of a filter and others it’s blatant honesty, something that often is […]

Dear Students, What school forgot to teach you, a letter from your teacher

Dear Students, the things that we forgot to tell you while you were in school. Your test score does not define you…. in fact no one cares what you scored on the PSSA’s, Keystone, SAT, or ACT. Really after filling out your college application  (if you choose to do so) no one will ask you […]

How to talk to kids about art

“Kids are not little adults. But they are professionals. Their job is to play, their job is to experiment, their job is to try different things.” Chuck Jones (the guy who drew Bugs Bunny) On a regular basis students walk up to me holding a project, drawing, or photograph in their hand and ask if […]

Do Ducks have a Penis?

Recently I read Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, it’s an interesting book that goes through the life and process of creatives. The 3 most common themes were the consumption of alcohol , caffeine, and taking walks. I’m not advocating that you start drinking heavily, instead we’re going to focus on the movement part of the […]

Secret teacher skills, bladder of steel

Over the weekend I was camping with my husband, brother, dad, and one other guy. It was noted several times that I must have a bladder of steel, as they were getting up in the middle of the night, and practically leaping out of the canoe at lunch to head to the bathroom. My teaching […]