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We need to stop punishing kids for daydreaming

I spend a lot of time daydreaming, in fact I often go to bed early in order to get some solid daydreaming time in, and hit my alarm a good 3-5 times in the morning, as during this time my mind goes on wonderful adventures, but with the snooze going off every 10 minutes I’m […]

10 steps to help your child stay creative

In this TED talk by Ken Robinson you’ll learn: – ” All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them.” – Creativity is as important as literacy – Be sure to at least listen to 4:15 mins so that you can find out what God looks like. – Kids will take a chance, they’re not […]

5 myths about teaching 1 truth

When it comes to teaching, there can be many things that distract or take away from our most important objective, which is to facilitate student learning. It’s important to stand up for your beliefs and fight to make changes to improve the educational process; however, problems arise when we as educators allow these distractions to […]

multitasking doesn’t work

multitasking seemed like a good idea i learned that it wasn’t i was talking on the phone, and mailing packages, which caused me to mail the wrong thing to the wrong person. luckily i realized this, just after dropping the packages into the mail slot. the truly lucky part in the story, was the extremely […]

uncovering the real mission statement behind education

No one goes into teaching because they’re excited to teach to the test. They start because they love kids They’ve been told that they’re gifted at teaching They had a great teacher that changed their life and they want to do the same Teachers go into teaching to touch lives, they are then pushed, pulled, […]

My child wants to be an artist, now what?

Parents schedule a meeting, enter my room, sit down and say : My child wants to major in art, they want to work in a creative field and while I want to support them, I’m worried that they aren’t going to be able to get a job, or they aren’t going to be able to […]

Confessions of a teacher who doesn’t believe in public education

i became a teacher, because the desire and ability to break concepts down into tiny bits of information was born into me. i became a teacher because everyone told me that i was good at it. as a teenager there was a waiting list to have me as a swim lesson instructor. i became a […]

color outside of the lines please

While I”ve been a maker my entire life, it was not until I began teaching creativity that I began to understand it. And it was not until I studied my own creative process that I was set free to truly create.   in school we learn how not to be creative, we get in trouble […]