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Homeschooling: how to teach multiple grade levels

interview with mom from amber kane on Vimeo.   Throughout my years of teaching I”ve always taught more than one grade level at a time, which requires a balance of group instruction along with differentiated instruction, as a home schooling parent it’s likely that you have several children all in different grades levels. My mom, […]

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

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Right now There is a kid finishing parents’ evening in a heated discussion with his mother Saying, why does he have to study subjects he will never ever use in his life? And she will look at him blanked eyed, stifle a sigh, think for a second and then lie She’ll say something along the […]

How to Homeschool and work full time

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Will online learning work for my child? You’re trying to homeschool, but you’re also trying to work full time, and discovering that it’s pretty hard to juggle both, you’re looking into some online classes, but are trying to decide if online learning will work for your child. The first answer is, you’re right, online learning […]

7 Ways Homeschool Students Benefit from AP Classes

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Why Take an Ap course from louise kane on Vimeo. click here for more information on AP Studio Art Drawing click here for more information on Ap Art History Click here for more information on AP 2D Design Portfolio   Why Take AP classes? earn college credit Get a feeling for what a college course […]


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Pinterest Perfect

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Use pinterest to grow your following and promote your business. Practice these simple tips to using pinterest to promote services and products. Perfect for beginners. Running your own business and selling your products online isn’t as easy as it sounds. You know that you make great work, and that your services can change people’s lives, […]

3 Ways to see how creative you really are.

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable. William Pollard   Creativity isn’t the easiest thing to test…… as in it’s pretty darn hard to make it fit onto a scantron sheet. However, there are accurate […]

Pre School kids art class

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Kids summer art exploration is a series of creative mornings for your child to spend 1.5 hours at a Lancaster County art gallery while you run errands, enjoy shopping, or relax and slowly drink a cup of coffee or tea at a local cafe, sounds like dream come true right? All classes will be taught […]

AP art online

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ap art from louise kane on Vimeo. From talking to many of you, I’ve become all too aware that it’s hard to find art classes for your kids. While I do many classes in person, this option is online, so your kids can take the course from anywhere! AP art is great for the student […]

stop labeling: how labels hurt students

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we started losing them and hurting them as soon as we started labeling them. my classes are rather loose. students working, walking around, talking, music playing. this type of environment works well for developing ideas, a side effect, is that i hear and am included in a lot of conversations. perhaps i’m more sensitive to […]