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"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

From the Bog

How to have better ideas

When you ask the wrong questions, or not enough questions, you get the wrong answer.  Lowe’s was having a .99 paint sample sale, which to an artist, is pretty darn exciting. Sorry, the sale is over as I”m writing this to you. It was perfect timing as I’d recently decided that I want to paint […]

Refuse to Quit, How to Become an Artist

Art has always been a major highlight and focus of not only your education, but your life. You have consistently been drawn to areas that involve artistry and innovation. Your early memories include going to art classes with your mother, looking over her shoulder and being fascinated by the creative process. The idea of manifesting […]

Everybody Loves Inservice

I had a love/ hate relationship with inservice. And the only reason that I say, “had”, is because I no longer work for the public school system, and inservice is a thing of my past. Now, I realize that I may have lost you when I said the words love and inservice to very close […]