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"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

From the Bog

Do You Know What You’re Doing?

There are a lot of elementary kids… there are a lot kids…. there are a lot people that live in my neighborhood, and they actually come outside. Something very different from when my husband and I lived in Mechanicsburg.   Peca, our Shiba Inu, loves to go outside when all of the kids are walking […]

There’s so much to do … and then you need to teach

Sometimes life is complicated, because we make it that way. And sometimes it’s complicated just because it’s life.   Most weeks your to do list is longer than humanly possible, and somehow you forget, that every week that passes, without you crossing everything off of the list, somehow you don’t die, your kids don’t starve […]

17 Emotions of being an Art Teacher

Overwhelmed at the  teetering pile of projects waiting to be graded.   Heartbroken at the sight of cracked, melted ceramics pieces as you open the lid to the kiln, now to break the news to the students.   Tired from explaining why art matters, and because you never get enough sleep….. Because…. All those projects, […]