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Part 2: Finding your Voice as a Photographer

Part 2: Finding your Voice as a Photographer

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in blog | No Comments

If you haven’t already, go back read and do part 1. Last week you should have collected a series of images in a variety of categories. Today you’re going to use those images to begin to uncover your personal aesthetic, aka, how you like things to look. Look at all of your images and answer […]

How to tell your story through a photo

How to tell your story through a photo

“ Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” Dorthea Lange   You see people making money from taking photographs of the things that they love, and you dream of doing the same thing, but fear that it’s going to have remain, just that, a dream. You think that you […]

What is a DSLR Camera and Why do You Need one

What is a DSLR Camera and Why do You Need one

  You’ve  decided that this is the year that you’re going to get better at photography. And then you realize that the only camera that you have is the one on your phone, and just thinking about walking into Best Buy to pick out a camera makes you feel overwhelmed and stupid. You have no […]

How to Get Noticed in 2016

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in blog | No Comments

  There was this wonderful time in my life when I had these things called abs, and then about a year ago, I stopped working out, and those little buggers disappeared. I try to tell myself that it’s normal not to have six pack abs, but that is easier said than done when you’re married […]

12 Things that you can do Today to be More Creative

  1. Read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 2. Watch Dior and I on Netflix 3. Join the Creative Challenge 4. Visit the Renwick in Washington DC 5. Sign up for a class 6. Dress in a way that makes you feel creative 7. Write 6 word stories 8. Explore using an idea generation chart […]

Are you Becoming More of Less of Yourself

While unpacking boxes and more boxes, there were so many boxes it seemed like they must be finding a way to reproduce.   In the heap I uncovered my baby book. I’m not very sentimental. And by not very sentimental I mean that last year I gave my wedding dress to one of my high […]

3 Questions to Help you become a more effective Teacher

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in blog | No Comments

Today’s post is brought to you by Karen Sollenberger aka my mom. “Why do you teach?” This is a question that is often asked of teachers. The common response is, “I do it for the kids! I love the kids!” I then had to think about myself. Why have I taught for 35 years? My […]

Does Empathy matter in the Classroom

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotti   Sitting in a classroom full of high school students, overhearing their conversations, that are filled with gossip and unkind words, “I can’t take it anymore… that’s enough.”   While that ended the conversation , I can’t leave […]

5 Inspiring Art Movies on Netflix

  Sometimes I feel like I spend more time figuring out what to watch on Netflix than actually watching. So to save you some time, you can thank me later, here’s a list of great art related movies on netflix.   The Art of the Steal 2. Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry 3. Gerhard Richter Painting 4. […]

Creative Kids Thank you

Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in blog | No Comments

Click to download: Howtoraisecreativekids